Minute of Intent: Recognizing Children as Partners

In 2013, the First Day School Committee adopted a “Minute of Intent” that articulates the underlying intentions of their programs and activities.  

Minute of Intent (Recognizing Children as Partners)

It is our desire to nurture the spiritual lives of the children who are part of our lives.

We recognize that the children represent our future:  the future of our families, the future of our communities, and in a broader sense, the future of society.

This recognition comes with an understanding that their importance to us does not begin in the future, but in the here and now.

As we seek to nurture their spiritual lives, we allow ourselves to be likewise nurtured by them.  

As we seek to answer that of God in others, we must not fail to listen for it within the children.

They are our full partners as we walk our paths.

As we consider our Queries, let us also consider the following:

Am I open to hear that of God within the children I interact with?

Do I place less value on what they have to say simply because of their age?

Do I place greater weight to my joys, concerns, and struggles than I do to theirs?  To what extent might I be ignoring valuable messages simply because they came from a child?

What practices might I take up that would allow me to be more open to being led by the light that shines within others regardless of their age?

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