Swarthmore College Students

We encourage students to attend Meeting for Worship and to stay for good food and fellowship following meeting. Whether you are new to Quakerism, or already a Friend, we welcome you.

What can you expect in a Quaker Meeting for Worship?

Quaker Meetings for Worship are based in silence. This silence is different from that experienced in traditional, solitary meditation. The listening and waiting in a Meeting for Worship is a shared experience in which worshipers seek to meet God. Learn more…

Our connection to the College

Although Swarthmore Meeting is completely independent from the college, the interconnections are many.  Faculty, staff, and students often worship with us, and students frequently help with our Cooking for the Homeless program.  In addition, various college a cappella groups have been singing in our yearly a cappella festival Harmony for the Homeless, which raises money for the Cooking for the Homeless program.

College student Welcome Tea

Each year at the beginning of the fall semester we invite students, as well as faculty and staff, to share conversation and refreshments with us at our annual Welcome Tea. Check our calendar for this year’s date. 

Scheduling events in the building

College students are also welcome to schedule events in the Meeting space at no charge, providing the nature of the event conforms to Meeting policies.

For more information about the Meeting or about using the facilities, please contact the Meeting secretary.

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