Privacy Policy

Swarthmore Friends Meeting Website Privacy Policy

Swarthmore Friends Meeting takes the privacy of its members, friends, and visitors very seriously. This document details our privacy policies for both children and adults.

Use of Names and Personal Information

When the name of a member or attender appears on the website, for example in the minutes of a meeting or the caption of a photograph, we use only the first name and last initial. We endeavor to ensure that no other identifying information (including full name, home address, phone number or email) will be published without that person’s explicit permission, or explicit permission from a parent or guardian for anyone under 18 years of age.

Use of Photographs

We post photographs of Meeting activities on our website. We endeavor to ensure that no personal identification except first name and last initial will be associated with any photograph without the subject’s permission. We ask that anyone taking photos anywhere on our premises (both inside and outside) inform those present that these photos may be used in Meeting publicity, including on the website, and ask them to move beyond camera range if they prefer not to have their pictures used.

Photographs of Children

Photographs of children under 18 years old will not be posted on the website unless we have a photo release signed by a parent or guardian. Parents of children in First Day School will be asked to sign releases each year during First Day School registration. Visiting children should not be included in photographs unless the photographer is able to get a signed photo release from a parent. Photo release forms are available in the office.  Those who take photos at Meeting events are encouraged to carry release forms with them. A photo that includes children for whom we have no releases will not be posted, even if the children are only in the background and are not the subjects of the photo.

Removal of Photographs or Personal Information

We strive to respond in a timely manner to requests from individuals to remove photographs of themselves or personal information about themselves from the website. Parents and guardians may also make such requests concerning photos or information about children for whom they are legally responsible. Requests should be sent by email to

Personal Data

All are welcome to visit the Swarthmore Friends Meeting website without submitting any personal identification information. Users may voluntarily submit email addresses or other personal identifying information via the website for specific purposes such as registering for an event, signing up for a mailing list, or requesting information. The Meeting will not sell or rent personal information collected via the website to any other organization. From time to time, the Meeting may seek permission from individuals to share personal information submitted via the website with partners such as Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and co-sponsors of Meeting events.

Revisions to Privacy Policy

If further privacy concerns arise, we will consider additions or revisions to this policy.

Approved Spring 2014