Pastoral Care

Care & Counsel Committee

Because Swarthmore Meeting has no minister, we rely on each other for the pastoral care needs of our community. Our Care and Counsel Committee oversees this pastoral care.

Helping Those in Need

Working in partnership with Meeting members and the Meeting secretary, the Care & Counsel committee facilitates assistance to those in need, including organizing meal relays, providing transportation, visiting the sick and homebound, and other help as required. 

Clearness Committees

The Meeting, in response to a request by a member, forms a Clearness Committee. The committee is a small group of people who volunteer to help an individual who might be facing a life crisis, considering an important change in their life’s direction, or looking for guidance on a particular issue.  A Clearness Committee functions in a prayerful manner, with an openness towards the individual seeking clearness, and an openness to the guidance of Spirit. Learn more about Clearness Committees.

Membership in the Meeting

Committees are also formed to meet with someone interested in exploring membership in the meeting. Learn more about becoming a member.

Quaker Marriage

The Care & Counsel committee also provides guidance during joyous times, such as when a couple is planning to get married. Those planning marriage often choose to get married under the “Care of the Meeting”. A Quaker wedding is a Meeting for Worship during which the couple makes their promises to each other. Learn more

Marriage Equality

Swarthmore Friends Meeting is a welcoming and affirming community with a longstanding committment to marriage equality.  Learn more


Our meeting has a strong sense of community, and we hold many social events that promote our sense of fellowship.  Learn more

Memorial Meetings (Memorial Services)

Care & Counsel also provides assistance at the time of a loved one’s death, supporting the bereaved in their grief and helping to plan a Memorial Meeting for Worship. Learn more

Speaking with someone from Care and Counsel.  For information about how to speak to someone from Care and Counsel, please contact the Meeting secretary.