We are a Welcoming and Affirming Community

Swarthmore Friends Meeting is a welcoming and affirming community and we have had a longstanding committment to marriage equality.  

In 2000, in unity, our Meeting approved the following Minute on the loving committment of people, regardless of gender.

“We find it consistent with Friends’ beliefs in the Inner Light and the Quaker testimony of equality to recognize the loving commitment of two people, regardless of gender.  We affirm our willingness as a Meeting to participate in marriages or celebrations of commitment, whether or not the union is recognized by civil authority.  We will follow the customary, careful process for arriving at clearness for a couple requesting marriage or celebration of commitment under the care of the Meeting, as described in Faith & Practice and in the minutes of this Meeting.  At every stage of the process, including the special meeting for worship, we will treat all couples with respect, care, and love.  We will offer ongoing spiritual support for those united under the Meeting’s care, and for their children.”

Approved at Meeting for Business, May 14, 2000